How to Make Your Garden Picturesque and Functional

How to Make Your Garden Picturesque and Functional

When you picture a garden, you'll typically begin to think of plants, blooming flowers, and a bee or two pollinating. The initial impression of a garden is that it is something to be looked at rather than lived in.  In recent years, however, gardens have become a part of the backyard living space and we explore ways that you can make your garden serve multiple purposes beyond being picturesque.

Open Your Views

Straight Glass Door Systems  - Glass Expanse

Having a garden helps residents feel connected to nature and gives the illusion of relaxation. Many have recently installed glass wall panels as a way to enhance their interaction with their garden and the outdoors.  Typically, these glass panels can be swung open to create a seamless transition from the house to the yard and also welcomes light into the home. 

Consider What You're Planting 

image © Horticultural Alliance, Inc.

image © Horticultural Alliance, Inc.

Before purchasing all of your favourite flowers, it's important to remember that flowers only bloom for so long. So you'll want to  mix your garden with flowers and foliage. This way, you can have a garden that looks picturesque year round - not just for the summer months. 


Achieving Privacy with Shrubs

Custom Shrubs  - EcoVara

Custom Shrubs - EcoVara

The use of shrubs for the backyard vary, as some choose to incorporate them as  way to line pathways, while others use them as a border for their property. Either way of use, shrubs have been incorporated into the landscape as a way to provide privacy to the backyard, while maintaining a connection to nature.

Portable Seating Selection

image ©  Wabash Valley

image © Wabash Valley

When selecting chairs for the garden, it's important to consider not only their comfort level but also their portability. Having furniture such as the Ashley Bench or the Winchester Dining Chair is incredibly useful since the furniture can be moved to adapt to any hosting situation.

image ©  Eurocobble

image © Eurocobble


There are a few elements to consider when choosing the pathway to and from the garden. The first is the steadiness of the path and the second is the material to use. When considering the steadiness of the pathway, you want to ensure that individuals can walk along the path without the risk of sliding or the surfaces becoming slick. You also want to ensure that the path is sloped enough (1 to 2 percent) in order to reduce the risk of water pooling on them. As for the paving materials, individuals commonly use concrete, brick, gravel or limestone. 

Planning for Growth


Once you have your pathway material selected, the next part to consider is the compatibility of your plants with the path. You want to ensure that your pathway can provide adequate passage and that your plants aren't going to pose a risk of burdening the walkway. 

If garden space is limited, choosing artificial plants will allow you to have the desired look of the garden, without posing the risk of overgrowth. The added benefit of artificial plants is the minimal maintenance required - only an occasional washing of the plants is advised in order to keep the plants looking pristine. 


When it comes to lawn maintenance, everyone has a threshold for how much time they are willing to spend on it. While some get a thrill out of cutting the grass and tending to their garden, others may prefer the lower maintenance alternative of synthetic grass which allows for a consistent look to the landscape. 

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Archways / Pergolas

Having archways or a pergola within your garden not only serves as a visual appeal but also a functional purpose. When considering an arch or pergola, it's best advised to have the arch be a minimum of 7 feet tall and the posts set a couple of inches beyond the path way. This will ensure that guests do not bump their head or scrape their elbows. 


Ultimately, when considering a garden you need to remember that each choice you make will not only contribute visually but also functionally to the overall design.

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