Vary Numbers of Points Adaptive Components

This article was originally published on Enjoy Revit’s blog and was republished here with permission.

There are lots of pros in using AC, but there are some cons as well.

One of representatives is that you have to place all points to get intended conclusion. If the AC has 4 adaptive points, then you must click 4 times at a view,if there are 5, then click on, so on...

What if, you can get triangle when you place 3 points, and you can get rectangle when you place 4 points automatically with the same AC family? There must be lots of potential possibilities if it's possible.

I saw a question at RevitForum the other day. It was about getting path length (Fire Egress Route) with parametric AC. Automation is not the issue of the question, but you know, I love AC & Automation tricks.


The family has 10 points and can report total length by some formulas. But the number of lines has to be controlled manually for various number of points cases.

As known, location of adaptive points are redefined when it placed in a project, so it can make adaptive shape or report variable parameters.

In this case, the points will be at the same level to express the pathway and calculate the length in a project.

So I made the points to have heights and let the lines invisible unless they placed at the same level, means height=0.


Of course, path length counts only visible ones with simple formulas as well.


And here is the result of my work.

I believe this concept can be used for various purpose.

And here is the file as usual.

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